If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration- Nikola Tesla

Unlock more Universal Healing Potential in Second Degree Reiki

Provides a deeper initiation and agreement to serve yourself and others

Are you ready to discover the sacred symbols to unlock a richer, deeper and expansive wholeness for a greater living reality? Then I invite you to register for second degree.
After given a minimum 3 month practice time to reawaken the subtle energetic body's awareness, this self-care readiness removes physical blocks, subconscious memory storage, and instantly connects spiritual realization.
Second Degree unveils more ways on how to positively navigate in our rapidly changing world with rooting in wisdom and grace... so that you can truly commit and rise up protected in the flow of universal energy that IS you and in your own unique way.
In this transformative 12 hour class, you will experience...
  • Inspirational Review of First Degree.
  • One Sacred Ceremonial Initiation.
  • Gain empowering Form and Function with 3 of 4 sacred symbols.
  • Increase the flow power of universal energy in hands.
  • Expand the healing practice to people, places and things by distant sending Reiki.
  • Enhance quality of emotional healing by providing a mental healing treatment.
  • Deepen the perspective capacity along with daily application of Spiritual Principles
  • Internationally Recognized Reiki Alliance Certificate with completion.

*requirements to register for this class are: a first degree Reiki Alliance certificate with a minimum 3 months practice time. 


Scheduled Maui Class

$690Check Calendar for Dates
  • Rates are Per Person
  • $345 Deposit Required
  • Deposit is Non-refundable

Scheduled Travel Class

$888Check Calendar for Dates & Cities
  • Rates are Per Person
  • $444 Deposit is Required
  • Deposit is Non-refundable

Private Maui Class

$888Schudeule Your Own Class Date
  • Rates are Per Person
  • Non-refundable full payment
  • Required to schedule class

Private Travel Class

$975Schedule Your Own Date & City
  • Rates are Per Person
  • Non-refundable full payment
  • Required to schedule class

Second Degree Reiki Training
Scheduled Class

• The money exchange rate for a scheduled group class on Maui, paid in full is $690 in US currency.
• Exchange rate for a scheduled group travel class paid in full is $888 US currency.
• A $345 non-refundable deposit to hold your space for a scheduled group class held on Maui or a $444 non refundable deposit for scheduled group travel classes elsewhere.
• The remainder of balance is due by class start time paid in cash, Venmo or by PayPal payment.

Second Degree Reiki Training
Private Class

• The money exchange rate for a private Second Degree Maui class is $888 in US currency.
• A non-refundable full payment is required to schedule a private class.
• A private class is for an individual that schedules particular date, time, and place that meets the student and Master’s needs.
• Exchange rate for a private Second Degree travel class $975 in US currency.