Public health events, businesses, organized groups, family and friends are ways to introduce and speak about Reiki. Mini-treatments are performed by initiated practitioners in a seated chair position as a method for temporary relief. This technique can be used in emergency situations or when a full table treatment is not possible.

There are endless ways to establish healing programs to communities. Introductions and Demonstrations are an exciting simple way for people of all ages, religions and cultural backgrounds to sample and understand what healing opportunities are possible by Reiki.

Reiki Student Volunteers

Kids Deserve to Thrive in Community

6th Grade Hands-on Reiki Demo

Since 2016 I have the honor to introduce and demonstrate Reiki to students in the public school system. It has been an important passionate project of mine to bring Reiki to over 300 kids each year. Raising awareness about Reiki's therapeutic healing potential to our youth and what stress affects has on our personal energy on any given daily basis, is detrimental for a healthy future, whether its mind, body or spirit related. We talk about the different ways to associate how we feel on all levels, when we are out of balance and what can be done for healthy self-care alternatives. Reiki provides the energy needed to provide relief and clear blocks as the direct source of healing energy that gives back what we truly need. Its a blessing to watch their connection to Reiki and hear back what relief they are easily able to identify as wholeness and balance takes place. 

Contact me about how you'd like to involve yourself in what ways are possible. 

Student Comments

It felt so comfortable and made me calm"

I felt tingling and heat where I had pain during and after I felt energized with no more pain"

I felt relief from my anxiety and relaxed"

6th Grade Hands-on Reiki Demo


Maui Waena Intermediate School Reiki Introduction