Reiki Treatment Rates and Policies

A series of treatments is best recommended for a last healing. Energy medicine is a live form of “intelligent unique energy” that knows where a healing is required and how much energy is received for a healing to take place. Each session unlocks and integrates new energy levels pertaining to the main cause of illness. The number and frequencies of treatments vary on the individuals healing needs of a specific health condition or regular health maintenance program for adults, children, animals or situations. Discuss with your Reiki professional what form of Reiki care and frequency can best serve your healing needs. 

Reiki seamlessly works in little or no time, with ease, in the easiest most effective natural healing regime for everybody, all ages, cultures and health condition.

• Packages are intended for the individual healing use towards an on-going health maintenance program or specific condition of one person, animal, place or situation.
• Treatment visits last about an hour to work to heal the mind, body and spirit.
• Rates apply to both hands-on & distant treatments and methods can be either or combined with-in a package on Maui & worldwide.
• Transportation fees may be added for out calls, hospital visits or any treatment situations requiring additional expenses.
• Treatments are performed fully clothed on a comfortable massage type table.
• Treatment Packages are to be used with-in the stated time.
• A $100 non-refundable exchange rate is applied to anything less than a 24-hour notice for canceling and/or rescheduling your healing treatment.

**Due to the unique individual healing process the fee is a service that is provided in exchange. There are no refunds with no promise of healing time or desired results guaranteed.

We can design the perfect way that best suites your healing needs.

Single Session

  • Experience Reiki
  • Natural Healing

Energetic Wellness Maintenance Program

$196020 Sessions in 6 Months (2-4 per month)
  • $98 per Session $740 Savings!
  • 2-4 Sessions per Month
  • Pay in Full or inquire about a 3 month payment option

Series of Four

$4804 Sessions in 30 Days
  • $ 60 Savings!
  • $ 120 per Session

Series of Ten

$105010 Sessions in 30 Days
  • $300 Savings!
  • $105 per Session

Jump-start Your Energy Program

$306836 Sessions in 90 days (12 per month)
  • $88 per Session $1792 Savings!
  • Pay in Full or inquire about a payment option

Reiki Training Rates

Would you like to learn self Reiki to continue the active flow of energy on-going from your own hands? For a complete list of scheduled Reiki Training Classes, go to class calendar and registration.

First Degree

Group and Private

Second Degree

Group and Private