Masters open the door, you enter by yourself- Zen Proverb

Usui Shiki Ryoho is taught and passed on in the form of oral tradition, to the student by a Reiki Master that are together for the class experience. There is a unique quality to this meeting that only can happen in person-to-person contact where ritual or sacred space is created. Through the medium of story, demonstration, initiation, sharing, and responding to questions, the essence of the practice is communicated.

The foundation of the practice is self-treatment. The placement of the student’s hands on their own body, giving Reiki for healing, comfort, and well-being. A Reiki student can also treat family, friends and everything in ones surrounding environment. A healing practice can also be a formal offering of Reiki treatments.

Students overall discover ways to have access to Reiki healing for self or anyone, at any given moment, simply by placing their initiated Reiki hands wherever one can. This use integrates Reiki Natural Healing into daily life that lasts a lifetime.

The required minimum practice time of 3 months before a first-degree student is eligible to take a second-degree Reiki training. The minimum practice time is 1-year of second degree before eligible for Master Candidacy. Once accepted as a Master Candidate it’s another minimum 1-year of mentoring before initiated a Reiki Master. An internationally recognized Reiki Alliance Certificates is to accompany with the completion of first-degree, second degree or Master training.

Ways to best prepare you for a Reiki training is to receive a series of Reiki session prior and after the training and periodically for maintenance. This assists to clear the deeper hidden blocks that are blocking you from staying on your healing path.

First Degree Reiki Training

Awaken the Innate healing Power within You!

Learn to practice a natural healing method called Reiki, regardless of health or age. Through self Reiki you can quickly relieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual burdens that are worse when we are stressed and out of balance. Reiki's natural healing properties provides a means to feel better on an ongoing basis. It reawakens the innate connection with the body's own healing potential. This allows ones freedom to develop a healing practice for self and others including plants and animals. 

First Degree Class: Provides Grounding, Opening, Receiving, Clearing and Cleansing
Class is taught in 12 hours, over 2, 3 or 4 consecutive day sessions. Details of the class are:

History of Reiki told in oral tradition honoring and tracing over 100 years of the Spiritual lineage of Usui, Hayashi, Takata and Furumoto.
• Experience 4 sacred initiations to open the precise flow of healing energy through the hands.
•  Learn the proven Hand positions and technique for treatments of self and others
• Gain clarity with The Spiritual Principals of Reiki that assist to heal mind of old paradigms and thought patterns 
• Insight and understanding containing the 4 aspects and 9 elements to further identify the sacred tools of this particular healing practice. 

  • Receive an Internationally recognized Reiki Alliance certificate of completion.

Internationally Recognized Reiki Alliance Certificates

Scheduled Maui Class

$390Check Calendar for Dates
  • Rates are Per Person
  • $195 Deposit Required
  • Deposit is Non-refundable

Scheduled Travel Class

$570Check Calendar for Dates & Cities
  • Rates are Per Person
  • $285 Deposit Required
  • Deposit is Non-refundable

Private Maui Class

$570Schedule Your Own Class on Maui
  • Rates are Per Person
  • Non-refundable full payment
  • Required to schedule class

Private Travel Class

$690Schedule Your Own Date & City
  • Rates are Per Person
  • Non-refundable full payment
  • Required to schedule class

First Degree Reiki Training Scheduled

• The exchange rate for a scheduled group class on Maui, paid in full is $390 in US currency.
• The exchange rate for a scheduled travel class paid in full is $570 US currency.
• A $195 non-refundable deposit to hold your space for a scheduled group class held on Maui or $285 non-refundable deposit for a scheduled group travel classes elsewhere.
• The remainder of balance is due by class start time paid in cash or by PayPal payment.

First Degree Reiki Training
Private Class

• The exchange rate for a private First Degree Maui class is $570 in US currency.
• A non-refundable full payment is required to schedule a private class.
• A private class is for an individual that schedules a particular date, time, and place that meets the student and Master’s needs.
• Exchange rate for a private First Degree travel class $690 in US currency.