Reiki With Jenna

My name is Jenna Keck and I am a Reiki Master of the Usui System of Reiki Healing. Discover a natural health care system for animals and people through energy healing treating the spiritual and mental state in conjunction with physical well-being. Reiki restores vitality that reawakens the mind, body inter-connectivity healing ability innately. I welcome those to explore with wonderment through my website to deepen insight into the spiritual belief system and methodology behind the sacred healing of Usui Shiki Ryoho.

It is a great joy, but also great humility and respect to bring global access through this site from where I live in Maui, Hawaii, USA.  In Hawaii, I offer those who seek lasting healing to experience the natural energetic healing properties of Reiki through treatment or training.This public arena is meant to serve as a supplement for an audience to order healing sessions, register for classes, share moving, provocative Reiki healing stories and questions to provide further background information on Reiki energy medicine. Lifestyle Reiki is an interactive blogging hub for articles and books on Reiki, upcoming public events and Reiki videos. 

My major genuine motivating factor is to spark your interest and profound sense of curiosity with desire and opportunity to re-awaken the senses while actively participate in living this incredible transformational healing path like it did me. I look forward to connecting and sharing this revered tradition of Reiki Natural Healing with you. This is only the beginning!

Recognition to all my Teachers

A student is not a container you have to fill, but a torch you have to light up- Albert Einstein

One of the great blessings in being a part of this journey together is to have the opportunity to acknowledge my teachers. The energy of this healing art is now a part of your story to gain experience and perspective in ways we may never see with our own eyes or feel without exploration. In my case, my daily life has become my living workshop embodied by Reiki and this moment has become my life. Each of us, particularly those involved in the arena of personal and spiritual growth, are shaped by our own lineage of mentors and life experiences that has brought us together where we are presently.

At each phase of my life there has been a new source opening floodgates of information, insights and a practice that generated new teachers at the right time.Reiki is a disciplined path that lead me to intensively train with a lifetime commitment by my Reiki Master, Shalandra Abbey honoring the spiritual lineage of Usui, Hayashi, Takata and Furumoto. My healing practice, spiritual growth and personal development as a Reiki Master allows me a healthy vessel for others to receive Reiki's natural healing properties. It is the spiritually guided energy that is the healer, not me.

The stories of others and myself are shared on this website to help one understand what healing potential is possible by Reiki. I humbly thank those who have influenced my transformation.

Healing Stories

  • Jenna was absolutely incredible! I called her New Years Eve in a panic because my happy, sweet, healthy, giggly 6 month old couldn't beat a high fever and stomach bug. He had it for five days, and I couldn't bear to see him so uncomfortable. Jenna ...

    Maui, HI

  • Taking my Reiki training came into my life at the perfect time. My mother had been diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer giving her a few weeks to live. Three days before I left Maui to go to her in Colorado, I took Jenna's First Degree Reiki Training. Because of certain religious beliefs...

    Maui, HI

  • Thank you for helping me through my fears of dental work. I was totally afraid of any dental work and had to be drugged with Xanax before I could even sit in a dental chair. Once you performed Reiki before my dental work I was able to feel relaxed and only took some...

    Maui, HI

  • The first time I had a Reiki treatment was a distant Reiki treatment from Jenna. I had serious back and knee pain plus difficulties breathing from asbestos lung problems. I had immediate relief and began feeling wonderful with a greater sense of well-being. Since then...

    Coarsegold, CA

  • I just wanted to thank you endlessly for bringing Reiki into my home at Christmas. The energy completely shifted with my 88 year old mother and everyone in this house. My energy has been so amazing and I feel so clear and focused. You are one beautiful and talented Reiki Master.

    San Jose, CA

  • Jenna's touch and energy is soothing, healing and transformational. A few months back I went to Jenna for help with fertility. I had a fertility test a year prior and found out that I had one blocked fallopian tube and uterine fibroids. One month after getting a treatment with Jenna...

    Tucson, AZ

  • During my self-treatment, I was so clearly told to read a book that a client from 4 years ago told me about before I should begin. That book was “Born to Run”. I downloaded it on my day off and now, four weeks later, I've finished week 3 of running barefoot and have zero pain. Reiki self-treatments...

    San Jose, CA

  • Thank you again for traveling to California to teach and share Reiki with Laurel and me. It is truly a life changing gift. I find myself repeating the precepts many times a day, especially during times where my patience is drawn thin by words of others. I enjoy the CD while doing my self-healing...

    Humboldt, SD

  • Jenna utilizes her innate sensory ability exceptionally well in administration of Reiki’s life force energy healing medicine. It has greatly helped me overcome the effects of lumbar spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, and resultant surgery. One may expect great results in the realization...

    Coarsegold, CA

  • I’ve had the pleasure of having Jenna do a couple of Reiki sessions on me. She is kind, compassionate and very talented at everything she does. I highly recommend her and her services.

    Lahiana, HI